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Service Packages

Every person has unique needs and resources. These are predetermined packages that I have developed. Please feel free to contact me to develop your own if these aren't quite what you need. 

Payment plans, occasional discounts, and bartering options are available. If you need a doula and are worried about funding, please reach out to see what we can work out together. Special consideration offered to teen, polyamorous, and transgender clients. 

A Masculine Presenting Parent Cradles a Newborn Baby- Black and White Image



  • Free Initial Consultation

  •  Text & Email Access to Support from paying your deposit until 6 Weeks Postpartum

  • Digital Contracts

  • Virtual Birth Plan Consultation

  • Birth Attendance until 1-2 hours Postpartum

  • Dedicated On-Call Window

  • Postpartum Check-In Visit

  • Comprehensive Resource List

  • Guaranteed Backup Doula


A close up of a newborn baby in a feminine presening person's arms. Close up of chest, no adult face.



  • Everything in the Essential Package PLUS

  • Resource Lending Library for books, birth balls, labor gowns, etc.

  • Borrow my TENS unit* under supervision of your medical provider.  


  • Printed Birth Affirmations

  • Timeline printed and casual phone photos as allowed or requested. 

  • Belly casting, Belly binding, or a Favorite Products for Postpartum kit.



A black baby's hand holding a black mother's finger- white background



  • Everything in Necessities Package PLUS

  • 1 Extra Prenatal Visit or Appointment Attendance

  • Choice of 1 Additional Visit or Add- On Service

  • Newborn Keepsake Art

  • Massage gift from Columbus Pregnancy Massage


Pregnant laboring woman in seated butterfly position. Mouth open, eyes closed. Birth pool in background. Black and white photo.

“If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any.”


Additional Services



I will send you a questionnaire to go over and send back to me via email. We can discuss options, and I can give links to resources to assist you in making informed decisions in your care. We will then meet in person to finalize your birth goals sheet and go over any other concerns regarding your birth planning.

Virtual Support Only- $100



Pricing includes a fabric belly binding wrap. I will meet with you and offer support in learning how to do a self wrapped  postpartum belly binding to support your pelvic floor and abdomen after birth. If you've had a surgical birth, you will need clearance from a doctor before trying belly binding. I will also send links to other methods and informational articles on belly binding via email.



I will come to your home and assist you with promoting self care, baby care, and light home keeping or meal preparation to ensure you have time to bond and rest with your baby. This includes feeding support according to your chosen methods, self care reminders and support, help setting up a routine or plan, diapering, naps, or pre-arranged grocery orders and pickups. This does not include sibling care aside from meal prep. Please message me to discuss sibling care options and availability. Daytime hours. 3 hour block for $75, $20 per hour after.

Please note that I will not change diapers on surgical wounds or do wound dressing for infants. 



I will come to your home and help you to make a plaster strip cast of your pregnant belly/torso for a keepsake. This includes basic materials needed to do the cast and the application of the plaster cast to your body along with basic cleanup of the project area involved afterward. If you'd like me to cosmetically finish and prepare your belly or decorate it, there will be an additional fee of $50 to $200 depending on elective additions and supplies needed.

Life and Planning Doula

Variable TBD

Need help planning out your adulting, homecare routine, healthcare organizing, or a project and setting reminders for executing your plans? Need to make some lists, tackle a project, set up a plan for phone calls and appointments, make a home care routine, or organize your space and your brain? Do you think you may like using binders, planners, and/or charts? I've done -all the things- as a neurodivergent person and am happy to help you get to where you'd like to be with the resources that I've found and methods that I've tried. Email for a consultation to see what we can come up with for you and your specific planning and organizational support needs. 



 I will come to your home for night time care of your baby to assist you in getting good rest. This includes diaper changes, bringing baby to you for feeding, pumping reminders, and baby care while baby is awake and you're sleeping. This is for an 8 hour time block. Additional hours are $25. Please note that I will not change diapers on surgical wounds or do wound dressing for infants



  • Free Meet and Greet Consultation

  • Digital contracts

  • Virtual Support via text and email from contract signing to six weeks after birth. 

  • One prenatal support and preparation visit, in person or virtual. 

  • I will support you as a partner or nongestational parent during your labor and birth. 

  • I will support you during the labor and for up to two hours afterward. 

  • Guaranteed backup doula

  • I do not provide any birth doula support to the birthing person during this contract. 



Please contact me to see how I can help you through this process. Services are still being developed. I plan to assist with planning and organization with healthcare appointments and document keeping, help with navigating requirements checklists, resource location for information and services, and potentially be an emotional and physical support leading up to surgery and offer physical support for self care and rest during the immediate recovery period. This could be assisting with safe mobility according to your orders, light housekeeping and errand support, meal prep, and potential transportation to related appointments. 

I will be contacting local organizations and medical providers as well for resources, information, and cooperative efforts. I appreciate any input from the transgender community in my efforts of service. Thank you for your patience. 



  • Free Meet and Greet Consultation

  • One meeting closer to birth time for practice and familiarity- Example: Date night childcare for 3 hours. 

  • Additional fees of $5 per hour additional per child over 6, $10 or children under 6 for your "practice night". Birth is $100 per additional child, up to 3 at my discretion. 

  • I will support your child during your labor and birth. This includes feeding, entertainment, and information. 

  • I will try to follow your written instructions and routine to the best of everyone's abilities and cooperation. 

  • I will stay through your birth and hour up to 2 hours afterward for you to settle in. 

  • Guaranteed backup doula

  • I do not provide any birth doula support during this contract. 



Please contact me to see how I can help you through this process. Services are still being developed. I'd like to be able to help you prepare, accompany you if you don't have anyone to go with you, and offer some support after procedures. 

I will be in contact with local organizations soon to help understand what I can do to help virtually as well as in person. 



I will come with you to a medical appointment to be a support for you. I can help you find information that you need about your condition or take notes about symptoms, help you prepare questions for your provider about your care, facilitate communication between you and your provider, and assist you in feeling comfortable with procedures if needed. This can be for any type of appointment or for any type of planning including reproductive health, dental, psychological, primary care, disability care, specialists, or procedures. This does not include transportation or any medical advice or diagnosis. This is a support role. Fees will vary based on time and distance starting at $50. If you need transportation, please message me for resources. 



This is a consultation for asking sexual health, reproductive wellness, birth, pregnancy, or postpartum related questions, information sharing, and things that are somewhere beyond a meet and greet but not quite a prenatal visit. $50 for the first hour, $25 per hour after.  This can be in person or virtual support. I can also discuss ethical polyamory, dating safety, and autism advocacy for adults and children. Pick my brain. 

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